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Establishment of a New Company

We help You to establish a new company, LLC- Limited Liability Company, named OÜ, meaning- osaühing. We can provide You with company by short time, if all neccesary is in place and not any restrictions on You. During to establishment of a new company, You must have postal address for Your company- we name it- juridical address. Also You must have or to create new e-mail address for Your company, and if neccesary- we will create it for You! E-mail is required! In Estonia we are not forced to disclose Your phone number, it is optional- if You do not like to disclose it, just don't!

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Selling of VAT Liable Companies

Selling of Estonian VAT Liable Companies

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Purchase of VAT Liable Companies

Offer to us for selling Your VAT liable company, which is just stand and there is not any activity or it run until now, but it is not useful for You no longer, or You just do not want to deal with it anymore. Just call us or send an e-mail and we will contact You shortly.

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Liquidation of Companies

Estonian and Finnish Companies.
Get Rid Of Your Company with Any Problems- Debts or Other Problems.


Accounting Services

Legal and professional accounting services for VAT liable companies, both- Estonian and Finnish companies.

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Who We Are?


OÜ Problemfix, legal id 12791107

OÜ Problemfix are established at 29th, January, 2015.
OÜ Problemfix deal with legal services for companies, providing reasonable solutions according to customer wishes. For all Your questions we can answer in different languages, like- in Estonian, in Russian, in Finnish and in English.

We Are Always Headmost!

Companies purchased/saled/liquidated
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Andres Tammsaar

Founder and director of OÜ Problemfix.
"You Can Always Rely for Our Support!"

Contact details

+372 56757455

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Establishment of a New Company
Selling of Companies
Purchase of Companies
Get Rid Of It
Accounting Services

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